Rental FAQs

How do I schedule a tour of the Venue, Pavilion or other facilities at Madison Avenue Central Park?

Tours of the facilities
 available for rental at Madison Avenue Central Park are available by appointment only at the following times:
  • First and third Tuesdays of each month at 6, 6:30, 7 and 7:30 p.m.
  • Fourth Wednesday of each month at 3, 3:30, 4 and 4:30 p.m.
  • Second Tuesday of each month at 10, 10:30, 11, and 11:30 a.m.
To schedule a tour, please contact Cori Dodds, by phone at the Derby Library (316-788-0760) or email:
If you have scheduled a tour and are not able to make it for whatever reason, please contact Cori to cancel your scheduled time. This allows that appointment time to be opened up for another person. 
There is no one on site at the rental facilities at Madison Avenue Central Park, so drop-in tours are not available. 

What is the difference between the Pavilion and the Venue?

The Venue is the largest rental facility in the park, with about 10,000 square feet of space total. It sits at the south end of the park, backing up to Madison Avenue. It includes the 60-foot-by-100-foot main event space, the Boardwalk (mezzanine in the main event space), the Salon and Alcove (two smaller meeting rooms off the main space) and a catering kitchen. Rental of the Venue for weddings includes all indoor spaces as well as the Fireside Patio on the north side of the building.

The Pavilion sits just to the south of the playground at the north end of the park. It is a single room with a lobby entrance, which includes three family restrooms available only to renters. The main room is 50 feet by 60 feet and features glass walls on three sides (south, east and north). It has two counter spaces with a sink along the west wall. Two of the three glass sections on both the north and south walls can accordion open for access to the patio.

Are there kitchen facilities?

The catering kitchen in the Venue is equipped with six rolling preparation tables, three small rolling carts, a commercial ice machine, and refrigerator. There is also a rolling ice bin that allows you to move large amounts of ice easily. There is no freezer.

There are no kitchen facilities in the Pavilion, although there is a sink and two counters.

Is there staff on site at the park facilities?

Please note that there is no on-site staff during rentals at Madison Avenue Central Park. If you would like to have staff on site during your event, there will be an additional fee.

Will a staff member be there to accept my deliveries?

No. If you have deliveries that need to be made for your event, please arrange with the vendor to make deliveries during your rental hours.

Is there audiovisual equipment available?

The Venue is equipped with three permanently placed projectors and screens in the main space, with an additional projector and screen in the Alcove space. The A/V system is flexible in allowing you to choose the projectors/screens you would like to use. Use of the projectors and screens is included in your rental fees. The Venue also has an integrated sound system in the main space, with two wireless microphone channels and 5 wired microphone and stereo inputs.

The Pavilion is equipped with a sound system, including a microphone and stereo inputs.

What is the fee payment schedule?

When you enter into a rental agreement for any of the rental facilities at Central Park, a 25% non-refundable down payment is required at the time the contract is signed. The balance is due not less than 30 days before the rental date.

If your rental date is less than 30 days from the date you sign the contract, full rental fees are due at the time you sign the contract.

What if I need to cancel my event?

Once a contract is signed and the 25% down payment is made, if your event is cancelled 30 days or more in advance, you will forfeit only the 25% down payment. If your event is cancelled 30 days or less in advance, you will forfeit 100% of the rental fees. If the city cancels the event, a full refund of rental fees will be issued.

Do you have rules about decorating?

Responsibility for decorating for any event lies with the renter. Decorating is to be done within the time frame of the rental and decorations are restricted to the rented space. No tape, staples, nails, tacks or other devices that can damage walls may be used in decorating. Scotch Command hooks or painter’s tape may be used on the brick walls. Nothing may be attached to the ceilings or chandeliers. If tape is used on the floors, you must remove any residue it leaves, as it will damage the surface of the floor.
Helium balloons are strictly prohibited inside the Venue and the Pavilion.

What cleaning is required after my event?

Unless cleaning has been paid for as an additional service, the renter is required to leave the rented space in the same condition it was upon receiving access to the building. All items the renter brings in must be removed. All trash is to be emptied in the dumpster. Tables and chairs are to be wiped down before being replaced on their respective storage racks. Hard surface floors are to be swept and spot mopped. Carpeted floors are to be vacuumed. Time to clean the building must be included in your rental times.

Do tables and chairs come with my rental? What sizes are the tables? What size are the chairs if I want to rent chair covers?

chair Round tables are black, 60 inches in diameter, and seat 6-8 people. Tablecloth sizes for round tables: 90 inches for lap length, and 120 inches for floor length. There are 40 round tables available in the Venue.
Banquet tables are beige and measure 30 inches by 72 inches. To have floor length coverings on the banquet tables you will need tablecloths that are 90 inches by 132 inches. There are 24 banquet tables available in the Venue.
Cocktail tables are 30 inches in diameter and height is adjustable. There are 10 available for use in the Venue.
There are no round tables or chairs stored in the Pavilion, so if you rent that building, we will need to know at least one week in advance exactly how many chairs and tables you will need for your event so they can be delivered.\

Who is responsible for setting up tables and chairs?


The renter is responsible for setting up and breaking down the tables and chairs for their event. If you would like to have the tables/chairs set up for you, taken down after your event, or have the cleaning done, those services are available at an additional fee. Set up services are $150 for each building; take down services are available for $150 for each building, and cleaning is available at $200 for each building. If you have rented both buildings for your event, you must pay separate set up, take down, and cleaning fees for each building.

Do you have tablecloths/linens or decorations I can use?


Is there a stage available for use?

Risers are available for use in the Venue. Placement of the risers/stage must be submitted to the event coordinator at least a week before your scheduled event. Once the risers are placed for an event, they cannot be moved. Risers are NOT available for use in the Pavilion. 

What about catering?

Catering at the Venue and the Pavilion is open. Please note that the kitchen at the Venue is set up for caterers and is not equipped with any sort of cooking surfaces or ovens. If you plan to bring in your own food, use of chafing dishes is recommended to keep food hot.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is allowed at events held at the Venue or Pavilion. If you plan to serve alcohol, you will be required to sign an Alcohol Policy Form with your contract. Alcohol must stay inside the rented premises and is not allowed in the public areas of the park. Glass bottles are allowed inside the Venue and the Pavilion.

Alcohol is NOT allowed in the park.

Do I need to hire outside security?

We don’t currently require renters to hire outside security for their events.

String lights on the Boardwalk

The string lights hanging on the Boardwalk are permanent.

Is smoking allowed at the Venue?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Venue. Smoking is allowed on the patio ONLY, where there is a butt can, and smokers must stay at least 20 feet from doors into the building.

How late can my event at the Venue or the Pavilion end? 

All events scheduled at the Venue or the Pavilion must end in time for the renters to be cleaned up and out of the building by midnight. We cannot schedule rentals past midnight.