Mayor's Award of Excellence

In 2002, the Mayor started a tradition in Derby of honoring a person or persons who contributed significantly to the city by awarding them the Mayor’s Award of Excellence. The award is presented at a City Council meeting each spring and the recipients name(s) is placed on a plaque at City Hall.

Mayor's Award of Excellence Recipients

Derby Historical Museum

Derby Historical Museum Volunteers 

2022: American Legion Family Post 408
American Legion Family Post 408
2021: Vicki Decarsky
Vicki Decarsky
2020: Bill Fales, David Peebler, Barney Tull
Mayors Award of Excellence
2019: Jeff & Rhonda Cott
Jeff and Rhonda Cott
2018: Don & Mary Myers
Don and Mary Myers
2017: Woodlawn United Methodist Church
Woodlawn United Methodist Church
2016: Pat & Susan Swaney
Pat and Susan Swaney
2015: Gary & Colene Read

Gary and Colene Read

2014: Betty Wilken

Betty Wilken

2013: John and Linda Bode


 2012: Bill and Reba Smith 


 2011: Bob Cook Homes


 2010: Ken and Judy Greteman 

Ken and Judy Greteman

 2009: Darrell Butterfield 

Darrell Butterfield

 2008: Glen Goering & Ross Hearn 

Glen Goering  Ross Hearn

 2007: Derby Community Foundation

Derby Community Foundation

 2006: Peggy Unkel 

Peggy Unkel

 2005: Jack and Dayle Pulley 

Jack and Dayle Pulley

 2004: Charles and Rebah Hubbard 


 2003: Ray and Virginia Warren 


 2002: Larry and Wanda Gould 

Larry and Wanda Gould