Open Records Request

The public has the right under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) to access public information maintained by local governments. Commonly requested records include ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, salaries of public officials, and budgets. KORA does recognize that some records contain information which is private in nature and are exceptions to the law. These include, but are not limited to, items such as personnel information of public employees, medical treatment records, records which are protected by the attorney-client privilege or the rules of evidence, notes and preliminary drafts, criminal investigation records, military discharge papers, and records related to security measures.

Keep in mind you may be asked to submit your request in writing. Make sure your request is as specific as possible so that your request may be filled quickly and completely. Most records will be produced within three business days from the time the request is received. If the request is denied, you will receive a written explanation for the delay or denial. Open records requests may not be used for the purpose of selling or offering for sale a property of service. The City reserves the right to ask for further information from applicants to ensure the request is not for those reasons.

Request Procedure

  • Download the Records Request Form.  
  • Fees are listed on the above form. Paper or faxed copies cost $.25 per page. Research costs are based on the employee's hourly rate. Postage fees will be the current market rate. Specialty items such as accident/fire reports are $10 each and any GIS printed maps are $20.
  • The City Clerk serves as the City's Freedom of Information Officer. For any questions contact the Clerk by calling 316-788-3132.
  • For other questions the Kansas Open Records Act may be viewed online.    

The City has records custodians who help with Open Records Requests. Please remember that any of these custodians may request you fill out an open records request form.


Contact the City Clerk at email or at 316-788-3132.


Crime reports, accident reports, and other police records can be obtained directly from the Derby Police Department. The police department is located at 229 N. Baltimore Ave. They can be reached via email or at 316-788-3093.


Court records can be obtained directly from the Derby Municipal Court located at 229 N. Baltimore Avenue. They can be reached via email or at 316-788-1511.

All Other Records

For any other open record requests, please contact the City Clerk located at City Hall, 611 N. Mulberry Rd. The Clerk can be reached via email or at 316-788-3132.