The City of Derby's budget provides funding for services, programs and projects that support the mission, vision and goals of the City as directed by the City Council. The budget document provides information on current budgets and staffing levels for departments and divisions, the current economic factors that impact the development of the budget, and trends in revenues and expenditures.

The City of Derby prepares a Budget Snapshot that summarizes the basic components of the budget such as revenues and expenditures and outlines the priorities for the City going forward as well as shows what services the City provides to citizens.

The City operates on an annual budget cycle with a fiscal year of Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Per Kansas state statute, the budget is approved and filed with the County Clerk by August 25 each year.

  1. Megan Sneller

    Megan Sneller

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 316-788-1424, ext. 1245