City Prosecutor

The city prosecutor works under the supervision of the city attorney and is responsible for prosecution of all alleged violations of city ordinances. With help from the Court Services Officer, the prosecutor manages the Municipal Court Diversion Program, develops and implements appropriate plea negotiation policies, monitors post-sentencing case status, and initiates appropriate post-sentencing actions to assure execution of court judgments and orders.

The prosecutor is available each Thursday when court is in session. During their first appearance, defendants may request to discuss their case with the prosecutor prior to entering a plea. Defendants who are not represented by legal counsel may be required to sign a Waiver of Counsel prior to meeting with the prosecutor. Signing the waiver does not prevent the defendant from obtaining legal counsel at a later time.

The prosecutor has authority to act on individual cases including amending charges, making sentencing recommendations to the court, authorizing diversion and dismissing charges when appropriate.

  1. Melissa Ricke

    Melissa Ricke

    Assistant City Attorney

  2. Municipal Court

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