Street Sweeping

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The purpose of Derby’s street sweeping operation is to prevent debris from contaminating water runoff and clogging storm drains, as well as maintaining the appearance of the City’s right of ways. 

Every year the Streets department begins sweeping operations as soon as the temperature warrants beginning on the snow removal priority streets. They clean up all the sand and debris that has accumulated over the winter.

Next, is the spring sweeping. This step consists of sweeping all city streets using a zone philosophy. Each zone is swept clean before moving to the next zone. There are eight zones, which takes two months to complete.

Over the course of the summer months, the arterial streets are swept twice more because they build up debris more quickly. In addition, city parking lots and other areas of concern are cleaned.

In the fall, the second sweeping pass through the city occurs. Each street zone is swept clean before moving on to the next one. This step is scheduled to coincide with the falling of leaves and before the first freeze.

If time and temperatures allow, the Streets department goes back to any problem areas after the city has been completely swept. These areas are generally the older parts of town with mature trees that continue to drop leaves after the scheduled sweeping.