Vision Derby 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Vision Derby 2040 Comprehensive Plan is the foundational document that guides City decisions. The plan considers the City’s challenges and opportunities through the year 2040.

Vision Derby 2040 guides growth and development and establishes planning policies. The plan establishes an overall vision and provides guiding principles and implementation recommendations to address the following topics:

  • Land use and urban design
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Health and play
  • Housing and neighborhoods
  • Community and environmental image
  • Community facilities

Vision Derby 2040 is a starting blueprint for Derby’s many stakeholders. It states the community’s vision for the future and the actions necessary to make that vision a reality. As such, the plan is written to inform the reader on the basics of community development, the vision for each of the City’s core elements, and actions for implementing priorities that build partnerships and funding initiatives.

The future vision for Derby is to grow as a community that retains high values, strong leadership, and residents that see Derby as a life-long community. Derby will actively embrace growth in the Wichita metropolitan area, while seeking to be a unique community in the region that offers local and regional amenities for Derby and non-Derby residents to enjoy. The following guiding principles represent the rubric for testing concepts presented in the plan:

  • Support mobility for all
  • Proactively manage growth
  • Encourage variety
  • Balance markets and resources
  • Strengthen the City’s character
  • Anticipate change