Trees and Shrubs

Tree and shrub pruning

Derby’s property owners are essential partners in preserving and maintaining our community forest. Trees help make our city healthy and attractive. We all benefit from our combined efforts to protect and care for the trees in Derby.

Many streets in Derby’s neighborhoods are lined with trees located between the curb and sidewalk, an area of land known as the public right-of-way. As trees age, they need more maintenance and care. 

The Derby Municipal Code says homeowners are responsible for maintenance of trees on this right-of-way (ROW) property.

In ROW areas, homeowners or an arborist they hire are required to:

  • Prune tree branches so they are at least eight feet above sidewalks. Branches that overhang streets must have at least 12 feet of clearance.
  • Trim trees and shrubs in the ROW so sight lines to traffic, safety signs or traffic signals are not obscured and pedestrian access is available across the full width of the sidewalk.
  • Prune broken or dead branches correctly to promote proper healing and regrowth.
  • Remove hazardous or dead trees.

To help maintain and protect street trees and the community forest, homeowners are encouraged to:

  • Plant young, new trees. 
  • Choose appropriate tree species from the list of recommended trees for Derby. Find the Planting Guide at
  • Protect trees from damage from weed trimmers and lawn mowers
  • Protect trees from compaction of soil over their roots by parked cars or heavy equipment.
  • Avoid planting trees under overhead utility wires.
  • Have trees evaluated by a qualified arborist every few years to identify and correct potential problems.

City parks staff manage trees and landscaping at public facilities, parks and along major arterial streets to ensure safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians. This includes trimming along the hike and bike path system to ensure cyclists, joggers and walkers have pathways free of obstructions. 

If you have questions about tree and shrub management or if you have been affected by the City’s maintenance in the ROW, contact Derby Parks Director Steve White at 788-0301. 

To notify us of problem areas, call Code Enforcement Officer Brent Lichti at

For questions concerning public right-of-way maintenance or tree and shrub pruning requirements, contact Public Works at 316-788-0301 for assistance.

Thank you for your continued efforts to maintain our beautiful community forest.