Bird Scooters

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The City of Derby has entered into a pilot program agreement with Bird Scooters to allow the company to operate scooters within City limits. Between 50 and 100 Bird Scooters will be available in Derby and may be activated through Bird's mobile app.

Bird's Beginner's Guide provides information on how to locate and operate Bird Scooters.


All Bird Scooters will be marked with the company name and will have easily visible contact information on the scooter. Members of the public may report any issues 24/7. Issues regarding scooter operations, parking, removal, rider behavior, maintenance, or other concerns should be reported through the Bird app or by visiting

City requirements for using Bird Scooters


  • Riders must be 18 years old to use Bird Scooters.
  • Scooters are to be ridden on usable paths or in on-street bike lanes, where available. Scooters may be ridden on streets only when usable paths or bike lanes are unavailable.
  • Scooters may not be ridden on streets with posted speed limits greater than 30 miles per hour, including interstates, federal or state highways, except for when crossing the street or highway.
  • Riders should review information provided by Bird regarding local and state regulations.
  • Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet.


  • Scooters may be used for one-way or round-trip travel in Derby and do not have to be returned to their original location.
  • Scooters should be parked upright on surfaces outside of the pedestrian pathway on or next to sidewalks, beside a bicycle rack or in other areas designated for bicycle parking.
  • Do not park scooters in a way that blocks pedestrian traffic, fire hydrants, call boxes, emergency facilities, utility pole or boxes, loading zones, disabled parking zones, curb ramps, driveways or approaches, motor vehicle driving lanes or bicycle lanes, benches or entrances to private property or driveways. 
  • All riders must take and submit to Bird a photo when they park at the end of a ride.

Additional Resources

Bird offers a number of community programs, including the following opportunities for those who qualify:

  • Community Pricing - This program offers a 50 percent discount to low-income riders, Pell grant recipients, select local nonprofit and community organizations, veterans and senior citizens. To sign up, download the Bird app, create an account and email your proof of eligibility to
  • Free Rides for Healthcare Workers and Emergency Personnel - Eligible riders will receive two free 30-minute rides per day for as long as it takes to help our communities recover from this global health crisis. To sign up, email a copy of your medical identification card, along with your name and phone number to
  • Information on these programs as well as Bird's free helmet program and other community programs can be found under the community link at