Why a sales tax increase?

The current half-cent sales tax isn’t enough to adequately address the maintenance and improvement needs of our over 430 lane miles of streets and 28 miles of hike and bike trails in Derby while at the same time keeping our local property tax rate at a lower level. Street maintenance prices have increased over 40% in the last few years putting the City further behind on needed maintenance efforts with current funding. 

new Parks Master Plan identified ~$91M in maintenance and improvement projects. While the increased sales tax amount won’t allow us to address all of those master plan concepts, it will allow Derby to continue to separate itself from other communities in Kansas with its high-quality parks system and perform major maintenance to neighborhood parks including updates to playgrounds, additions of restrooms, and adding shade and walking trails. 

The increased sales tax will also allow us to perform amenity upgrades at some regional parks such as High Park and Garrett Park with things such as splash pads, field improvements, and pickleball courts. Decarsky Park Phase II will also be completed. 

Lastly, the purchasing of public safety equipment and capital improvements with sales tax funds will allow the City to shift the burden from utilizing property tax funds on those purchases. This will allow the City to stabilize or reduce the mill as funding is shifted to sales tax funds from property tax funds.

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1. Why is the City requesting a sales tax increase now?
2. When, where and how do I vote?
3. How did the City decide what to put on the sales tax ballot?
4. What is the ballot question for the proposed sales tax?
5. If approved, what will the new sales tax rate be?
6. Why a sales tax increase?
7. If approved, how much revenue will the new sales tax create?
8. If approved, how will I see the proposed sales tax at work in the community?
9. How will the new sales tax impact my wallet?
10. Why use a sales tax instead of another type of tax?
11. What will the City do if the proposed sales tax does not pass?
12. How does the public know that future spending commitments will be met?
13. How does the City manage the sales tax project funds?
14. What street improvements will occur and why are they needed?
15. What type of park maintenance and improvements will occur with the new sales tax?
16. What type of public safety equipment and capital improvements will occur with the new sales tax?