How will the new sales tax impact my wallet?

The proposed increase of 0.5% in local sales tax is a minimal incremental increase. A few examples of what that increase equates to in your wallet: $0.50 on a $100 grocery purchase, an extra $50 on a $10,000 purchase, and an extra $250 on a $50,000 purchase. In addition, the State of Kansas is eliminating the State sales tax on food you buy at the grocery store. This means the average household in Derby will already be experiencing a decrease of ~30% on their grocery food tax due to the elimination (state sales tax rate on food is currently 4% and by Jan. 1, 2025 it will be 0%), even with the increase in the City’s portion of 0.5%.

Derby Difference_Local Sales Tax comparison chart

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1. Why is the City requesting a sales tax increase now?
2. When, where and how do I vote?
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9. How will the new sales tax impact my wallet?
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12. How does the public know that future spending commitments will be met?
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15. What type of park maintenance and improvements will occur with the new sales tax?
16. What type of public safety equipment and capital improvements will occur with the new sales tax?