Why use a sales tax instead of another type of tax?

Each person has to determine for themselves the level of taxes they wish to pay for the community they wish to live in. There is no such thing as a perfect tax, a sales tax is as fair as any tax. It is based on spending rather than owning. 

The 2023 community survey showed a majority of Derby residents greatly prefer sales tax over property tax. Nearly 6,000 people outside of Derby come here to work each day. This is in addition to the people who come for medical services, dining, shopping and to enjoy regional attractions such as Rock River Rapids, the Library, and to use our parks system.

In addition, Derby has a pull factor of 1.26, which means nearly 30% of sales tax revenues for the City come from people who live outside Derby and choose to shop in Derby. Those same visitors who shop visit our parks and drive on Derby streets, benefitting from maintenance and improvement of those items, without having to pay the property taxes that are utilized to provide them. A sales tax helps more equitably distribute the costs associated with providing the services enjoyed by many outside the City and helps relieve the property tax burden on Derby residents.

2022 Pull Factor

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1. Why is the City requesting a sales tax increase now?
2. When, where and how do I vote?
3. How did the City decide what to put on the sales tax ballot?
4. What is the ballot question for the proposed sales tax?
5. If approved, what will the new sales tax rate be?
6. Why a sales tax increase?
7. If approved, how much revenue will the new sales tax create?
8. If approved, how will I see the proposed sales tax at work in the community?
9. How will the new sales tax impact my wallet?
10. Why use a sales tax instead of another type of tax?
11. What will the City do if the proposed sales tax does not pass?
12. How does the public know that future spending commitments will be met?
13. How does the City manage the sales tax project funds?
14. What street improvements will occur and why are they needed?
15. What type of park maintenance and improvements will occur with the new sales tax?
16. What type of public safety equipment and capital improvements will occur with the new sales tax?