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Neighborhood of the Year Nomination Form

  1. Nominee/Applicant Information
  2. Project or Activity Information
  3. Why does this neighbor deserve recognition?

    Describe in 500 words or less why this neighborhood deserves this recognition. Possible questions to address include:

    • What was the project/activity, when did it take place, and who was involved?
    • Why did you decide to undertake this project/activity?
    • Was there anything new or unique to your neighborhood about your project/activity? 
    • How many neighborhood residents participated?
    • Did any businesses participate or non-profits benefit?
    • How did your neighborhood or the community benefit?
  4. Submit Material (optional)

    You may submit any additional relevant documentation (such as photographs, letters, pamphlets, project planning and expense data, articles, presentations, or news clippings).

  5. Describe the character of your neighborhood and what makes it special.

  6. Submit Additional Information or Ask Questions

    Judy Morris, HOA Liaison
    611 N Mulberry, Suite 100, Derby, KS 67037
    316.788.1519 ext. 1281

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