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Derby Municipal Court Customer Feedback

  1. Section 1: Customer Service and Access
  2. Parking and Accessibility
    There were parking spaces available on-site and the court building was easy to access.
  3. Seating
    I found adequate seating in the courtroom and lobby area.
  4. Safety
    I felt safe in the court building.
  5. Court Forms
    The court forms I received were helpful and easy to understand.
  6. Helpfulness
    Court staff took time to answer my questions and help me through the process.
  7. Barriers To The Court Process
    Court staff made reasonable efforts to remove physical and language barriers.
  8. Courtesy
    Court staff treated me with courtesy and respect.
  9. Time Spent
    I was able to conduct my court business in a reasonable amount of time.
  10. Court Reminders
    I received reminders and instructions at each step of the court process.
  11. Business Hours
    The court's business hours made it easy for me to conduct my business.
  12. Section 2: Courtroom Process
  13. Fairness
    I believe my case was treated fairly.
  14. Opportunity To Be Heard
    The municipal court judge listened to what I had to say and answered my questions.
  15. Information
    The municipal court judge gave me information I needed to make decisions about my case.
  16. Courtesy & Respect
    I believe I was treated with the same courtesy and respect as others in the courtroom.
  17. Information
    I was informed of the next step in my case and what I needed to do.
  18. Section 3: Background Information
  19. What was your reason for coming to court today? (Please check all that apply)
  20. How frequently do you do business with Derby Municipal Court? (Please check the closest answer)
  21. Section 4: Communication
    Currently, our court mails reminders and information at each step of the court process.
  22. How would you prefer to receive reminders and information from the court?
  23. Section 5: Demographic Information
    Information provided in this section is for demographic purposes only.
  24. How do you identify yourself?
  25. With which racial or ethnic background do you most closely identify yourself?
  26. To which age range do you belong?
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